Why choose to be a part in this event

ExpoAR: Infrastructure aims at integrating the various actors of our national industry vis-á-vis the production development process in upcoming years. You will be able to:


Validate information on current and future infrastructure projects

Get to know the current status of the national matrix from the public and private sectors’ approach

Generate business relations and expand your company’s networking with other industrial areas

Acquire new management and leadership strategies associated with a period of great innovation and competitiveness signaled by “The most ambitious infrastructure plan in the history of the country.”

Register  for B2B meetings and promote inter-company contacts and agreements

Promote new products and services. Create awareness of your brand among local and international investors.

Obtain information on financing and business opportunities for small and large companies.

Participate in meetings with an excellent business climate with the latest entrepreneurial trends.


1075 Infrastructure projects presented in 2018

52 large Public-Private Participation (PPP) projects

US$21 billion investments

US$2.5 billion for bilateral negotiations

2025:  Average work completion term


Main works: Transport, Energy and Mining, Oil & Gas, Communications and Technology, Hydraulic and Public Works; Health and Education, Water and Sanitation works